Saturday, August 31, 2013

WI - Neighbors Rally Against Sex Offender Seeking Residence

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They don't say if the man was breaking any laws and if he wasn't, then they have no say in if he can or cannot stay there, legally.


By Nikki Junewicz

Leading up to the meeting, concerned neighbors went door to door and handed out flyers to spread the word about it. Their efforts paid off. Before a room of upset parents, the Green Bay Sex Offender Residency Board reversed itself and voted not to allow [name withheld] to live with his parents on Huron Road.

"I am not willing to put my children at risk, I will leave our home."

For Vickie Marquardt, sex offender [name withheld]'s residency hits close to home, literally. She lives right next door to 471 Huron Road with her three daughters.

"I would have left our home guaranteed, but now they will be happy that they know there will be no bad guy next door," explains Marquardt.

Marquardt was among the group of neighbors who came out to rally against [name withheld], saying all of the children in the area would tempt him into committing the crime again. Ultimately, they prevailed.

After [name withheld] apologized for his actions, and his parents threw their support behind him, the board decided he can't live there.

"I think if you're in a place where you're not wanted, it's more pressure on you, and that leads to more risk," said Board Chairman Dean Gerondale.
- And so does being forcibly exiled from every place you move to.

Which raised a concern for one board member, worried about the precedent this kind of decision may set.

"Everyone is going to complain about every person we put, everywhere we put them, I think we're setting ourselves up to fight that battle every month if we do this," said board member Renee' Keehan.

The board told [name withheld] he can come back to them in the future and request to live at that address, or somewhere else in the city.


dlc said...

"I am not willing to put my children at risk, I will leave our home."
If this person has this feeling that way then they have the right to leave, and should. He has served his time and should be able to re-join society. This kind of Mob Mentality must end now! If the man is bent on doing the crime again and the children in the area "tempt him" no amount of laws will stop him from committing his crimes again. He then must be put away for life, but you CANNOT punish someone for a crime they MIGHT commit! This is ludicrous. What has happened to American the land of innocent till proven guilty. Now we have the thought police who say he might think it and do it so therefore he must be punished beforehand. I am becoming embarrassed to be an American! And now they want to take away the passports of American sex offenders and make them come back to America. Soon they won't even be able to renounce their citizenship. They want to keep sex offenders in this country to continue the ongoing cruelty and punishment that society desires. I compare this to the gladiatorial games of Rome. Society wants some form of vengeance and blood sport so lets give them sex offenders to violate. This is so wrong. People, myself included, must rally, all the way to Washington to end this injustice.

Daver said...

They want us all on an island somewhere locked away forever. They will never be satisfied!