Thursday, August 22, 2013

TX - Harlingen couple (Monica Nieves and Juan Quezada) jailed for beating convicted sex offender

Monica Nieves and Juan Quezada
Monica Nieves and Juan Quezada
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Yet another example of the large list of ex-sex offenders, family and children who have been harmed due to the online registry. This is why the online hit-list should be taken offline and used by police only.


A Harlingen couple is facing criminal charges after being accused of brutally beating a convicted sex offender.

Harlingen police arrested 31-year-old Monica Nieves and her 19-year-old boyfriend Juan Quezada.

Investigators told Action 4 News that it all happened on the 200 block of East Madison Avenue.

Police said Nieves slapped and attacked the man while Quezada jumped in to punched him.

Both of them told police that they did it because the man was a sex offender.

Officers charged Nieves and Quezada with assault. Their bond was set at $1,000 dollars.

Authorities are asking people concerned about sex offenders or other criminals to contact the police instead of taking matters into their own hands.
- Hell, with only a $1,000 bond, what incentive does someone have to contact police instead of taking the law into their own hands?  You are not setting a good example!


dlc said...

Let a sex offender hit them and the book would be thrown at the sex offender. Now tell me that the justice system is not broken. Why did the arresting officers only charge them with assault when, by there own admission it was a brutal beating. It should have been assault with great bodily injury. That carries a greater bond amount. They were just ignoring there job.

Mark said...

I suspect because it was ONLY a sex offender who got beaten down dlc. If of course it were only an ordinary citizen, these two goofs would need the federal reserve to get their bail money. AND THE "BEAT" GOES ON. No pun intended.

dlc said...

Your probably correct, but it is not right in any case.