Thursday, August 29, 2013

TX - Can Keller Conviction Stand Without Physical Evidence? Hearing in Austin ritual abuse case questions evidence of sexual abuse

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Diigo Post Excerpt:
When a child is sexually abused, there isn't necessarily physical evidence to prove any abuse happened. But whether the lack of any physical evidence of abuse is significant in the case of Fran Keller, convicted of sexually assaulting a child left in her care back in 1991, is a central issue in an appeal of that case currently pending in a Travis County court.

Fran Keller was sentenced to 48 years in prison for allegedly sexually abusing a 3-year-old girl, Christy Chaviers, who in 1991 was an infrequent drop-in at the home-based daycare Fran and her husband Dan Keller ran out of their Oak Hill home. (Dan was also convicted and sentenced to 48 years. The current appeal has been filed on Fran's behalf, but will impact Dan's conviction as well.) After a day in care at the Kellers' home that summer Chrsity told her mother, Suzanne Stratton, that Dan Keller spanked her. That allegation quickly morphed into an allegation of sexual abuse – and then again, into wilder allegations of abuse perpetrated by the middle-aged couple on Chaviers and two other children who were also drop-in clients and whose parents were friendly with Stratton. By the fall, the allegations turned fantastical: The Kellers had taken the kids on plane rides to Mexico, subjected them to satanic bone-replacing rituals, killed animals and babies – allegations that led Christy's therapist, then Donna David Campbell, to conclude Christy had been a victim of "ritual abuse."

The Kellers were among hundreds of daycare workers (Wikipedia) across the country accused in the Eighties and early Nineties as being part of satanic cults that abused children taken by their parents to daycare facilities. In 2008, the Chronicle began a reinvestigation of the case against the Kellers and found that there was, in fact, scant evidence that any children had been abused by the Kellers, let alone any evidence of satanic ritual abuse.

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dlc said...

See how easy it is to convict an innocent person in America. This has become an epidemic. When someone is caught doing one crime the prosecutors charge people with many more crimes than what they actually did. This is the "sensational factor." This gets more drama and fear mongering going on among the people. In scaring them it gets money released to prosecute these "predators." Is this right? No, people are guilty before ever getting there day in court because of the media. When will this come to an end?