Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sex Offender Laws: Collateral Consequences - Killings and Murders

Bloody Murder
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Our specialty, what Lawmakers have ignored. Collateral consequences of their laws. So far 432 deaths without counting suicides and related deaths, and we are still counting!

Sex offender laws! The cry, protect the public! Lawmakers fail to consider the collateral consequences of their laws before enacting them. Protecting the public should not mean excluding prior sex offenders, and their families, which may well be further punishment. Today's sex offender laws place former offenders, no matter what their offense level was, at a greater risk of being killed or murdered. We have documented when that has occurred, 432 times!

Changing burdensome laws, politicians and the media, all voices behind growing incidents of violence towards former sex offenders. These voices unknowingly manipulate the public into a -nongovernmental force- mind-set seeded by "sex offender" (like now defunct CIA mind control experiments). The public then declares war on those labeled "sex offender" in ways that disorder their lives, and makes lives a burden often dangerous. Many are driven over the edge. All a grand scheme to evade constitutional protections? Constant media and political attention influences the public? We believe so! Now our research. Readers can form their own opinions!

Figure-1a: States w/Deaths and No. of Deaths:

Daily we reviewed news articles for reports of deaths, suicides and vigilantism related to sex offenders or offenses, documenting those in our blogs. We do believe there are many more articles not published. In addition, folks close to our project alert us to those they find. Frequently we gather more than one, and other credible sources, so we have as complete a story as possible in our blogs. It is important that readers understand our definitions they are all explained in our definitions section (link below).

We must point out that, to our knowledge there is no other research which has delved into this topic, especially with so many unknowns and limitations. Given the uncharted waters of this research we hope it is instrumental and influential for future researchers with similar aims. This report comes with a caveat, traditional norms and definitions may not apply, nor reveal subtle nuances specific to this population. Some may dismiss or distinguish these nuances, but an open mind is necessary in uncharted waters.

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