Thursday, August 1, 2013

SC - Sex offenders living in fear - Mother gets threats because son and husband is on sex offender registry

This is exactly why the registry needs to be taken offline, like it originally was, and used by police only. If a parent wants to find out information, then they can go down to the court, sign some documents, and get the information, like it originally was. Vigilantism is a growing problem, as can been seen here.


Loneranger said...

Interesting but I haven't seen a politician jump in and say they need a law to protect sex offenders and their families yet. However when it makes them look like hero's and most likely keeps them in office they have all kinds of laws to pass to protect people. Is there some kind of liability for them? Possibly the backlash of the ones that want the registry no mater who gets killed and will not vote for them in the election. Mostly they are trying to save their own jobs. if they make a law that gets people harmed are they not as guilty as the ones that use this to harm. Once it's known to be used for this and they don't shut it down are they not condoning the behavior as they are apart of it. Much like giving a child a loaded gun. You were irresponsible for doing so and responsible for the harm caused. All states need to shut this program down. If they want to continue to collect names and address so be it. however this has happened more than once and will continue from state to state. This is not acceptable as no mater what we think about sex offenders all life is sacred. These laws not only place the offenders at risk but their families and whoever else might be in the home. Sometimes the address is incorrect and then what? the state may not really care if offenders are murdered but others have been as well, Just because their address has been attached to a sex offender. Making anyone and everyone at risk. even if they just thought about how a mistake can get someone killed it should be reason enough. Take them all down. The life you save maybe your own.

Chance_X74 said...

I hate that these videos and articles on this crime always make sure to show the Moody's stating that the victim was a pedophile and child molester but never manage to state that he was not. It's very misleading and almost seems they are trying to give the audience the false perception that he was.

Tom said...

The Supreme Court of America has sanctioned the sex offender registry, Sighting that it is not punitive or added punishment. Clearly the Courts have done an injustice upon the people they are charged to protect at all cost, And continue to do so. The American people have created a class of people that are deemed unfit to live. They have created a outcast group of people that are cast out of communities and punished unto death. The families of the sex offenders are looked upon as collateral damage, Acceptable loos. The more people support this the longer it will go on. The courts are seeing this,Some are acting, Till more innocent people are murdered, Until the body count reaches a level that can no longer be ignored, This and much more is still to come. As a sex offender that has been one since 1990 trust me when I say "Death would have been a far better fate than this".