Thursday, August 1, 2013

OH - Cincinnati Police Strip Search College Girl abuse of Power?

Police - To serve and protect?
Video Description Excerpt:
Please remember these police officers knew the TV cameras were running & they acted this way. Imagine what they are like when nobody is watching

Should this girl have been strip/cavity searched over this? What exactly did she do wrong? In my opinion this is an abuse of power by Cincinnati police officer Brent Eve & Michelle Ball and should result in disciplinary action. Including retraining of the officers involved & loss of rank. Listen carefully at 4:20 - 4:47 and the comments/tone of voice at 5:14. A police officers job is "keeping the peace," it's not discipline or corporal punishment of citizens. I believe this girl being arrested & strip searched was basically punitive. Even the courts ruled against the officer. It was not "obstructing official business" reduced to a $105 fine.

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