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NY - Online Gun Offender Registry Could Go Public Next Year

Gun offender registry
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When are we going to stop cherry picking crimes that get a registry and put all ex-felons on an online registry we can all search to see all the criminals who live around us? If it's okay for ex-sex offenders and now possibly gun offenders, then it's good enough for all criminals.


By Sarah Matheson

NEW YORK - The public could be given access to an online gun offender registry, similar to the sex offender registry, if City Council approves extending access outside of the NYPD.

The registry would provide photos, names, and addresses of people released from prison for gun-related offenses in the last four years. Eventually the registry could go statewide.

The NYPD currently uses a citywide gun offender registry, which was implemented under legislation sponsored by City Council Member Peter Vallone Jr. upon the request of Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2006.

It includes offenders who were convicted of illegal possession of a loaded handgun, possession of three or more illegal handguns, possession of a handgun by a convicted felon, possession of an assault weapon, and possession of a disguised firearm.

Vallone will introduce an amendment to existing legislation that would extend registry access to the public at today’s City Council stated meeting (Thursday, Aug. 22). If approved, Vallone said the legislation could come into law by January.

Vallone said he had also been working with other public officials to make the registry statewide.

An informed public is a safe public,” Vallone said, speaking at a press conference on the steps of City Hall on Wednesday, Aug. 21.
- That is simply a false statement.  Just because people have information doesn't mean they are safe, besides, if that is true then why isn't the government transparent like we were promised?

Recidivism and Violent Crime
Convicted gun offenders are more likely to be arrested for violent crimes, and four times more likely than other offenders to be arrested for murder, Vallone said.
- Sounds like the same old "statistics" we hear people say over and over again.

Last year a dozen people were arrested for not complying with the requirements of the city’s gun offender registry, Vallone said. He said people on the registry were among some of the city’s most violent offenders.

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. joined Vallone and other public officials at the press conference on Wednesday, Aug. 21.

In Diaz’s annual State of the Borough speech in February, he had proposed a statewide public registry of gun offenders. He said it was one of many innovative ways to curb gun violence in the city.
- Another false statement.  It won't curb gun violence, but you keep dreaming!

He said Vallone’s amendment would let the public find out who in their neighborhood was potentially dangerous, and who they should keep their children away from. “I think it would go a great way for preventative measures,” he said.
- Once again, it's "for the children!"  Come on, it's the same old song and dance we've all heard a thousand times.  If they really wanted to "protect the public" and children, then they'd release all criminal records to a public registry we can all search.  Guns don't just harm children, they also harm adults, but we all know that already.

State Senator Jeff Klein, an original cosponsor of Megan’s Law in 1995, which led to the New York’s public sex offender registry, was also at the press conference. He said he was working to push gun registry legislation through the State Senate.

We have to make sure we crack down on illegal guns. I think this is one way we can eliminate illegal guns in our city and our state,” he said.
- Eliminate guns?  LOL!  Keep on dreaming!

Council Member Melissa Mark-Viverito said the registry would provide people with information to keep their families safe.

Our communities are plagued with gun violence,” she said.
- And why is that?  Passing more and more laws won't magically make it all go away!  In the end, it will only make matters worse, we believe.

Gun Offender Registry Requirements
Under current law, individuals convicted of criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree are required to register their current addresses, and personally report to the NYPD every six months.

Registration requirements continue for four years after offenders are released from prison. If an offender fails to tell the NYPD they have changed address, it is a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by one year in prison.
- Why not for life like the sex offender punishment laws?

New York City was the first city in the nation to introduce a Gun Offender Registry Act, and was followed by Baltimore in 2007. Washington, D.C., Chicago, and New Orleans are other cities that have introduced registries, Vallone said.


Mark said...

"- Once again, it's "for the children!" Come on, it's the same old song and dance we've all heard a thousand times. If they really wanted to "protect the public" and children, then they'd release all criminal records to a public registry we can all search. Guns don't just harm children, they also harm adults, but we all know that already." But, But, the public swallows this line, "hook-line-sinker," and boat anchor too folks!!!!

Sex Offender Issues said...

That is our point, part of it anyways.

wh314 said...

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This may seem crazy, but additional
registries could be a good thing for the ones of us who are on the
only one that has existed until now. The general public has not been concerned with the registry except to show their contempt and hatred for the ones of us who are on it.

The more registries there are, the
more people affected by them, the more public attention they will
get. The only way the public is going to be concerned about
registries is if they're on one. The one registry I think will move
us forward in abolishing all registries will be the drunk driving
registry, it will affect more people than any other registry, and
definitely have the attention of the majority of the population. It's
also justifiable in that drunk drivers injure and kill more people in
one weekend than sex offenders do all year. People will have no
concern for registries, or the people on them until it affects them
directly, then we can have a real conversation about getting rid of