Wednesday, August 21, 2013

NC - Sex offender social media change worries parents

Denying access to social media is unconstitutional in North Carolina
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By Ed Crump

UPDATE: Social networking ban for NC sex offenders remains in effect

RALEIGH (WTVD) - It's a scary day for parents across the state as sex offenders realize there is now no law to prevent them from going on websites frequented by children.
- Yeah because parents (sheeple) want the government (Big Brother) to run their lives for them.  If they were being parents then they'd monitor their children's social media accounts, but hey, it's easier to put the responsibility on someone else so you can blame them if things go wrong.

The law was struck down Tuesday by the state appeals court. Now, sex offenders and parents alike are taking note of the change.

The Wake County District Attorney's office tells us that sex offenders are calling their probation officers to make sure it is now legal for them to go on websites frequented by children. The answer to that question is yes.

There is no law to prevent registered sex offenders from getting on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or any other social media site.

The old law, which was found to be so vague it violated the right to free speech, banned those offenders from any site that allowed children as members.

Wednesday, at least one parent who spoke to ABC11 expressed serious concerns about the possibility of opening the floodgates to a pent up desire to stalk children.

Eating cheesy poofs
"I just picture some guy sitting in his recliner with a bowl of cheese puffs and a tank top just going after my kids," said Renee Duke. "Just sitting there trying his best to get to manipulate and get my kids."
- Well educate your kids instead of being all paranoid and buying into the fear mongering.  Even if it was a law in the state that wouldn't stop predators elsewhere to target your child if they wanted to!

Many parents say it has always been important for parents to closely monitor their children's internet activity, but now it's more important than ever.
- Not really, it's no more important than it was when it was a law.  Parents need to be parents!

A prosecutor here who handles these types of crimes is also urging parents to be diligent and he hopes that a new law can be written that will withstand a legal challenge.

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper wanted the law but admits it may have to be rewritten, but he will try to appeal the North Carolina Supreme Court.

Cooper notes that there are still laws on the books that investigators can use to charge suspects with soliciting children online. However, he believes we need a law to try to prevent child sex crimes before they happen.
- You can pass 1 million laws and it will never prevent someone from committing a crime.  Just because you pass a law doesn't make everything magically go away!

If Cooper's attempt at an appeal fails, he says he will go back to the legislature to see if they can craft a new sex offender social media law that will withstand a legal challenge.


nathan rabalais said...

Waste millions of dollars keeping sexual predators off the internet or be a parent and monitor my kids activity and what they do on the internet and save millions of dollars knowing I can see my kids activity

dlc said...

Tell parents to do their job. And realize that its usually somebody close to the family that molests children, not the sex offender on the registry.

Mark said...

To the RED LETTER comments in this article: DITTO, DITTO.

Sex Offender Issues said...

Thanks. :)

nathan rabalais said...

I'll rephrase my comment parent's should be parents and not let the government control what goes on seems like we spend millions of dollars on the government to do something parents should do and that's sit with there kids at the computer monitor what they do there are even programs you can get to monitor there activity and if they play online games get an account on that game and monitor them that way It's that simple