Saturday, August 24, 2013

MO - Surprise visit for Ralls County sex offenders

Compliance check
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By Rajah Maples

RALLS COUNTY - Some area sex offenders had a surprise visit from a local sheriff's office Thursday.

The Ralls County Sheriff's office along with three U.S. Marshals conducted a sex offender compliance check throughout the county.

Sheriff Gerry Dinwiddie said Ralls County has about 26 sex offenders.

"We're going through the county and trying to make contact with all the registered sex offenders and make sure they are up-to-date on all their records, addresses, visits and everything else," Dinwiddie said. "We're going to be looking for anything dealing with computers or child porn or pornography or anything along that line."

Authorities arrived at a Ralls County home about three miles south of Hannibal at about 1 p.m. Thursday.

"This is in cooperation with the U.S. Marshal's office," Dinwiddie said. "They contacted us, and they got a program that they come around and help the local sheriff's department do the compliance checks cause our funds are not as great as theirs."

Law enforcement thoroughly scanned through all of the computers found in this registered sex offender's home, looking for inappropriate content.

"It's important that we know where the registered sex offenders are and what they're doing," he said. "The people who live in the neighborhoods want to know that, too."

Sheriff Dinwiddie asks the public to let the sheriff's office know if they see anything in their neighborhood or know of a registered sex offender who's not complying with state laws.

He said authorities found at least one non-compliant sex offender and were further investigating one other as of 1:30 Thursday afternoon.


dlc said...

If they're no on supervision you don't have the right to search there computers. I am sick of seeing the rights of sex offenders being violated "for the greater good."

Dan said...

""It's important that we know where the registered sex offenders are and what they're doing," - then they better camp out if front of their doors and shadow them 24/7 and get permission to do this inside the home as well. The registry and these highly publicized activities tell no one neither. Of course it is important and the public wants to know all this, but somehow is too cheap to pay for the surveillance that would be necessary to accomplish it.

Speaking of paying, I would like to see a cost / benefit analysis of this event. Exactly how much did it cost to locate one (<4%) non-compliant (speak one person with shoddy paperwork) offender?

treborjo said...

was the sheriff's name really dimwitty? sheriff dimwit!

Offenderpointofview said...

Its a joke. I live in the neighboring county . I never fail to register, I get along with the deputies. Wife called me at work and told me, I called a deputy and he had someone come to my house the next day due to my having friends over. The deputy said" Yup you live here.". They just put on the news to make the ignorant masses feel better. When most of the time they know you, and are not out to humiliate you.

ieee said...

It's too bad that you get along with law enforcement. I prefer to never give them the impression that any of it is acceptable. I think you should politely tell them that you give them all the information that you are forced to and other than that, you don't want anything to do with any of it. I tell them that I have nothing to say to them and will never speak with them. Put a fence or wall around your property. Suggest that they "verify" things with your neighbors. Those are the busy-bodies that "need" the Registries. Let them verify you live there.

ieee said...


Great job as usual. However, I prefer to call these things something other than "Compliance Checks". How about "Harassment Operation"? Or "Big Government Waste"? I don't know, nothing good is coming to me for now. But something is needed that is more accurate.