Thursday, August 8, 2013

MN - Minnesota deputy (Aaron Heuer) charged with sexually touching young boys appears in court

Aaron Heuer
Aaron Heuer
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By Kay Cooley

OTTER TAIL (WDAY TV) - There is new information today as a deputy from Mille Lacs County charged with sexually touching several young boys appeared in Otter Tail County court.

Authorities say 29 year-old Aaron Heuer had sexual contact with 4 young boys at a church camp near Henning, Minnesota. Today we learned there could be even more victims stepping forward.

Michelle Eldien - Assistant Otter Tail County Attorney: "There have been some, but obviously the investigations are still pending. We're talking about multi-jurisdictional issues, so the counties are working together closely to make sure we work in the best interest of the victims. But there will be some additional people we work with."

Court documents say Heuer sexually touched the boys, all between ages 8 and 10, and then asked them to touch him. It all happened in June while Heuer was volunteering as a fishing guide at Lutheran Island Camp in Otter Tail County.

Authorities say additional incidents may have taken place in Aitkin County with two of the victims during a separate fishing trip. Today outside the courtroom another woman told us Heuer also molested an 8 year-old girl in her family. She could not go on camera, but says she's seeking legal action.

Michelle Eldien: "It really does take everybody working together and there's distance for the victims. So that's kind of the most important thing, is to make sure we work the best we can for them."

Heuer is on administrative leave from the Mille Lacs sheriff's department. Right now he's charged with 8 various counts of criminal sexual conduct. His attorney refused to comment.

Heuer is currently in custody. Held on $100,000 cash or bond with conditions, or $200,000 without. His next court appearance is set for late October.

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Mark said...

Maybe there should just be a good internet site devoted to police, cops, marshals, secret service agents and so forth with sexual allegations. It could be entitled: "PREDATOR POLICE BLOTTER," or perhaps "PREDATOR POLICE ON PARADE." These stories are becoming very scary. And if truly guilty - now it is their turn to feel how it is on the other side of town.

nathan rabalais said...

Give it time there will be a wall of shame for all of them