Sunday, August 11, 2013

MI - Detroit community beats ALLEGED rapist of 15 yr. old after slow police response

Vigilante Angel Garza
Angel Garza
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Just because someone is accused of a crime doesn't make it true. Everybody who was involved in beating this person should be arrested for assault! One of the men involved in harassing this person is Angel Garza. He claims to be "blessed" by God and a Christian but then goes on to talk about hoes, niggas, and drugs on his Facebook page and profile. Here is a recent article of his interview on the case. He also says he did help in beating this man, in this Facebook group.


By Julie Banovic

DETROIT - Community members in one Detroit neighborhood took matters into their own hands and beat an accused rapist of a 15-year-old girl with Down Syndrome after they say Detroit Police failed to respond.

Friday marked the 23rd day without an arrest after the 15-year-old victim said a man grabbed her while she was walking to work, took her to his apartment and raped her in early July.

The suspect lives in the same neighborhood as the victim. Members of the Hubbard Farms community say the man has mental health issues. They posted his face on flyers around the neighborhood to warn others.

Angel smoking Marijuana?
Angel smoking Marijuana?
Family friend of the victim Megan Herres says the teen waited for seven hours at the hospital for Detroit Police to administer a rape kit. She reportedly waited five days before police interviewed her about the sexual assault and 21 days until Detroit Police sent the rape kit to the Michigan State Police Crime Lab.

That’s just not acceptable,” said Herres. “DPD, we want to see an effort toward sexual assaults of minors,” she continued “It’s not good to live in a community where people don’t feel safe."

Other community members were equally outraged at what they believed was a lack of response by Detroit Police and on Monday took matters into their own hands. The community beat the accused rapist with a baseball bat so badly he needed to go to the hospital.

Herres said vigilante justice is not the answer, but frustrations grew and boiled over.

There was a lot of community response in asking the police for their assistance in apprehending the perpetrator and it wasn’t happening in a timely manner,” said Herres.

Angel bragging about the beating
Angel bragging about the beating
When officials were asked why the investigation was taking so long, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office said they have asked Detroit Police for more evidence and are waiting to determine if charges will be brought.

Detroit Police say the prosecutor’s office is waiting on DNA. The MSP crime lab does have the rape kit and are expediting it. When we told Detroit Police we wanted a reason for the delay, a police representative said, "We are looking into this."

The condition of the accused rapist is unknown at this time. Community members say his family checked him into a facility of some sort.

Herres says the teen victim is doing the best she can and she has her family and an entire community rallying behind her.


Mark said...

And this is a small sample of the mind set of united states and also the world we are now living in. What ever happened to detaining the person so the police could show up, investigate and then arrest?? Why bother? As I have stated in previous articles, forget about rights, take em out back of the barn and just shoot them; or in this case beat the person so bad he gets hospitalized. Then the good folk(s) can go back to their abodes and say "JOB WELL DONE! WE GOT THIS ^^%$$&* REAL GOOD.

Loneranger said...

And the DNA comes back and he is cleared. guess mistakes happen so is it sorry for his bad luck then? There needs to be no forgiveness or mercy shown. No excuses as these people for what ever justification they may have felt need to spend a lot of time behind bars. Even if they find out he did it. Doesn't alter the facts each involved was guilty of attempted murder. so did we hear about any of them being arrested? Not so much.

Sex Offender Issues said...

This is apparently one of the vigilantes FB page:

On it he claims to be blessed by God and is a Christian, but he them goes on to talk about hoes, niggas, drugs, and smoking weed. Typical hypocrite!

Sex Offender Issues said...

This is apparently one of the vigilantes Facebook page:

On it he claims to be blessed by God and is a Christian, but he them goes on to talk about hoes, niggas, drugs, and smoking weed. Typical hypocrite!