Friday, August 9, 2013

FL - Seffner parents aren't happy bus stop is infront of sex offender's home

Seffner Bus Stop
Seffner Bus Stop
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By Ashley Glass

SEFFNER - "I do not feel safe, I don't feel safe for my kids," said a Seffner parent, who asked to remain nameless.

The parent is one in a growing number of parents in a Seffner neighborhood calling on the Hillsborough County School District to move their children's school bus stop because it butts up the yard of registered sex offender [name withheld].

[name withheld] was convicted of first degree sexual assault for a 2004 attack on a then 22-year-old Wisconsin woman. [name withheld] said, "I don't think they should be worried. I have a son of my own. My victim was an adult, and I just wish that neighbors would get to know me. I know they'd feel safe around me."

"He's too close. We just want the stop moved," said the concerned parents.

"The situation right now is that we think the bus stop is fine," said Hillsborough County Schools Spokesperson Steve Hegarty. He explained, by law, a sex offender or predator convicted of crimes against children can not live within 1,000 feet of a school or school bus stop, which is not the case as it relates to [name withheld].

"The policies need to be changed, if someone is on a registry for sex predator or offense, they don't need to have them at the bus stop," said a Seffner parent.

"It would be a constant case of moving bus stops and so it would be very difficult to do that," said Hegarty.

The school district confirmed for ABC Action News it's currently reviewing five cases involving sex offenders or predators in which a school bus stop may be moved before school starts August 20.


dlc said...

These parents need to realize that it is more likely that one of their relatives is going to rape there children than it is a stranger. They need to quit drinking the medias kool-aide!

Sex Offender Issues said...

Exactly. This persons crime didn't even involve children but they are making it into a child issue.

nathan rabalais said...

Give it time he'll be forced to move and play the shuffle game like everyone else is doing down there

dlc said...

If his crime did not involve children and he is not on supervision they need to get over it and find someone else to harass. This vigilantism needs to stop. This gentleman needs to sue these parents and the police for not protecting his rights. If all of the sex offenders got together and filed a class action against the government they might have to listen especially if it was done in a very public fashion. I am all for it. Treat the sex offenders the same as other criminals or treat the other criminals the same as the sex offenders. One way or the other this must come to an end.