Tuesday, August 6, 2013

FL - Man caught scratching his testicles in the comfort of his own home?

Sexual offender and pedophile scratching himselfOriginal Article


By Semore Fanny

A man was spotted sitting on his couch, watching TV and scratching his testicles

A witness reported she was walking her dog in the neighborhood when she peeped into the mans front window, because it was open, and spotted him scratching himself. "I was shocked! How could a man, especially a sex offender pedophile, be allowed to scratch himself in the comfort of their own home like that?"

The witness then contacted police who arrested the man. He is now in jail awaiting a court hearing.

Stay tuned to FLTV Channel 2 for this breaking story. More at 11pm!

Of course this is satire, but see the following which is just as stupid, in our opinion.


Mark said...

Given the fact that the United States is completely deluged with "crotch monitors" watching everything in order to be "good" citizens and bringing down as many as could be had, this satirical article is really not to far away. By the way, why wasn't this woman that looked into the open window not charged with "peeping?" May as well get her to - right?

Sex Offender Issues said...

She is a woman, and we all know they can't do any harm!

nathan rabalais said...

WOW oncefallen noticed something i didn't notice look at the authors name on the topic this was a spoof

Sex Offender Issues said...

Yes, that is why it has the SATIRE label attached to it.

nathan rabalais said...

how could i of missed it

Joe Smith said...

why wasn't the women arrested for being a peeking Jill (tom)