Wednesday, August 28, 2013

FL - Lawmakers look to toughen up sex offender laws next year

Scared person
Video Description:
Lawmakers are already making plans to toughen up those laws for the next legislative session. Some of the lawmakers say repeat offenders are becoming a growing problem once they're released and they want to do something about it.

How many more useless laws do you need?

If a person comes out of prison and commits another crime, arrest them and lock them up for a longer time.

No matter how many laws you pass, it won't prevent someone from harming another person, if that is their intent.

The only thing you can do is lock them up forever, and even that won't prevent future crimes.

This is just Florida, in typical knee-jerk fashion, reacting to a fear-mongering article without verifying the facts themselves, in our opinion.

The police officer in this video who said we should sentence those who commit ANY sex crime up for the maximum, says he deals with sex offenders / predators daily. Yeah, most of them are fellow cops, as you can see here.

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