Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dr. Drew and guests being biased as usual, Nancy Disgrace as well

Biased idiot Dr. Drew
Just because someone wears the "sex offender" label doesn't mean they have molested children or are pedophiles. These panelists are probably FemiNazi's as well, but that is just a guess. You will also notice Dr. Drew stopped the video once the facts started to come out. Why?

Comments as posted to OnceFallen.com:
First off, the man who prosecuted him is the SAME disgraced DA that brought us the Bakersfield day care abuse witch hunt. Second, the alleged victim in this man's case has recanted and has admitted she lied about being molested. Third, the mother made a false allegation of abuse in order to gain an advantage over him. Fourth, the woman lost custody because of her own actions. (See here for more info)

And like usual, Nancy Disgrace shows the same biasness, as if we expected differently from her?

And here is a follow up to the mentioned story.

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