Saturday, August 3, 2013


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Our nation leads the world in incarceration -- more prisoners than China, a higher rate than Singapore and Iran. Let's do more to build communities through prevention, rehabilitation, and opportunity.

The American justice system is hyper-focused on incarceration as the solution to public problems. What about crime prevention? What about rehabilitation? What about job opportunities? There are cheaper, fairer ways to keep families safe than locking people up for years on end for even modest offenses. We need stronger communities, not ever-increasing incarceration. Beyond Bars use video and social media to make that case.


Loneranger said...

Agreed. But can you tell me who cares? We will spend any amount of money to feel avenged. Never mind we could do better. If anything needs rehabilitated it's society on the whole. WE as the populous need to get over our addiction to revenge. It has turned into a illness equal to any drug addiction known to man. We just keep feeding our addiction with a blank check filled in daily by our politicians. With the fear that if you don't the withdrawals will be unbearable. the judicial system is ever changing. However it is morphing into something that will not only be expensive as it is but will grow and is planned to grow. Basically unchecked. When they write laws as to how long or for what they imprison people most often the people never hear about it until whatever law they want is in place. Take sex offenders. The people seldom vote for any of these laws. Some of the base laws are placed on a ballot but years down the road the amended law looks nothing like the original. Now they have life time parole for many. They have lifetime registration that isn't being addressed in a meaningful way. Oregon is adding 1500 sex offenders a year to the never ending system. This boils down to 1500 life sentences a year. One could argue that we are not paying 31 thousand a year to keep them in jail but this cost much more in public assistance. Loss of ability to get work and pay taxes. And when you continue not to allow someone to get on with their life you will have more crime. More people out of necessity committing another crime trying to survive. Once again gettng tossed back into prison for longer this time. Anymore its not if they go back but when. One would think we need a different approach. We will never stop this cycle as long as we stay addicted.
Now there is no balance. No way for people to go on with their life and become productive. We have the ones that were drug related that get some help. they have a hard time with the stress of the system to stay clean and most will go back to prison at some point. Sex offenders although they have a low re-offence rate for a new sex crime will also end up going back on a technical violation or some other new non sexual crime trying to survive as who will hire them. Who will rent to them? Who even wants them around? As you can see the system is it's own worse enemy. if you really want to reduce crime change this. If not we are encouraging it. Why because our judicial system is power hungry and out of control.

I have spent the last three days going over the new sex offender program HB 2549 for Oregon. It took 29 pages of amendments to laws that concerned who would be on lifetime supervision,when and who could be removed from the registry. Even went into when a landlord could evict and how to go about it. The vast majority of offenders will never be released from the registry not to mention active supervision as it has been written to out live the offender. By the way it is computed few will ever see the light of day let alone be able to ever go on with their life. There is no life after with HB 2549. One good thing I did see was this is so punitive as it is all intertwined now in this 29 page bill. there is no way it could ever be seen as regulatory as it is punishment that lasts a lifetime. Making it cruel and unusual as the punishment doesn't fit the crime. It doesn't fit any crime.

Mark said...

In the last days, "the love of many shall grow cold. And many shall be OFFENDED." Matthew 24:10.