Monday, August 26, 2013

AR - Operation Hide and Seek Exposes Sex Offenders

Lonoke County Sheriff Department
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And not a single arrest was due to another sex crime, thus putting the recidivism rate at 0%!


LONOKE COUNTY - A weekend sweep exposes dozens of sex offenders in Lonoke County.

It's called Operation Hide and Seek in which several agencies joined forces to put 30 men behind bars. The operation centered around the capture and arrest of one man and grew from there.

Investigators say 19-year-old [name withheld], from Cabot, is accused of raping a minor and intimidating a witness in that case.Deputies arrested him and 29 other men. Most of those arrests were for sex offender violations like failing to change addresses or employment information.

Local and federal agencies, including the Secret Service and U.S. Marshals Office, helped with Operation Hide and Seek.

The sheriff says it's just the beginning of a huge crackdown on sex offenders in Lonoke County.

Sheriff John Staley said, "I see how many were coming in to register. I've got kids and if I'm going to be the Lonoke County Sheriff, I'm responsible to the people and we're going to protect our children and our citizens."

Operation Hide and Seek took place across Lonoke County on Friday and Saturday. Eight teams made up of five men and women from different agencies helped to make the arrests.

And, along with those arrests for sex offender violations, the sheriff's department also made three drug arrests and five arrests for fugitive warrants over the weekend.

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dlc said...

So the purpose for this sweep was to put the sex offenders in the county behind bars? The sheriffs comments makes him just another vigilante. What happened to the rights of the sex offender? I am sick and tired of seeing the way these people are treated, Those of us who care need to band together. THIS HAS TO STOP NOW!

Marie De'Ath said...

Sheriff John Staley :Making a name for himself.
THAT is what Operation Hide and Seek was about.

Thomas Heller said...

the only way that this can be stopped is if we all get together and fight these laws in federal court

dc said...

This is the same news seeking sheriff that was letting people post threats against RSO on Facebook that SOI did a story on a while back and of course after it was on the news and the threats disappeared with no one being charged he had to find a new way of getting attention. Since when did all these other agencies have to become involved in this searches?

Sex Offender Issues said...

Thanks, we've added links to those previous articles and also a couple videos to the post above.

dc said...

I still would like to know why the Secret Services or the U.S. Marshall's did NOT investigate the threats that were posted all over facebook. It seems that would have been a better use of their time. Oh but wait the threats were only against RSO's so it must have wait in it was okay their eyes.