Saturday, August 24, 2013

AL - Ex-Shelby Co. DHR employee (Brandon Howard Daniel) charged in connection to sex crime investigation

Brandon Howard Daniel
Brandon Howard Daniel
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By Melynda Sides and Clare Huddleston

ALABASTER (WBRC) - A former Shelby County DHR employee and former Birmingham police officer has been charged in connection to an ongoing sex crimes investigation involving a DHR client, authorities said Thursday.

Brandon Howard Daniel, a 29-year-old man from Pelham, is charged with indecent exposure, soliciting for purpose of influencing official action, harassment and theft of property.

"The investigation is still ongoing and additional charges may be pending," Alabaster police chief Curtis Rigney said in a statement released Thursday afternoon.

Daniel worked for the Birmingham Police Department from 2009 until he resigned in March 2013, BPD Sgt. Johnny Williams confirmed this afternoon.

Shelby County DHR workers would not say what Daniel's job position was or how long he had been working for them, but confirmed he was a Shelby County DHR employee. A DRH spokesperson told FOX6 late Thursday afternoon that Daniel is no longer a DHR employee.

On Wednesday, an adult female client of Shelby County DHR filed a complaint stating "her DHR case worker had inappropriate sexual contact with her during a home visit," Rigney said.

Chief Rigney said it allegedly happened Wednesday morning at a home within Alabaster city limits.

Alabaster police officers questioned Daniel on Wednesday afternoon in connection to the crime and took him into custody. He was held overnight and is still in custody at the Shelby County jail.

Chief Rigney said during yesterday's questioning, police determined there may be evidence relating to the crime in the man's office at the Shelby County DHR.

Alabaster police officers were posted at the DHR office overnight. Employees were not allowed inside the building this morning while police and Shelby County Sheriff's deputies and evidence technicians searched for evidence. Chief Rigney said the case against Daniel is solid.

"Today we executed a search warrant at the offices of DHR in Columbiana. Evidence was collected and will be analyzed to determine its connection to this case," Chief Rigney stated in a release.

The Alabaster police chief also thanked the Columbiana Police Department, Shelby County Sheriff's Office and DHR for their help in the case.

DHR workers are rescheduling appointments for anyone who had an appointment for today.

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bkzalley said...

She is not alone in this fight. How many other parents are fighting to get teens off the registry for just having consensual sex with a girlfriend or boyfriend. They are not child molesters or monsters. They are human and sexual beings like everyone else, who are just coming into their sexuality. Girls as young as 14 are more mature than a boy that age. It is no wonder that they are dating guys 17+. Boys don't catch up till then. To put these laws ahead from natural sexual behavior is wrong. How many Congressmen/women, judges and prosecutors, have done the same thing, only they didn't get caught, because the law wasn't around then. My son, sits in prison on a plea deal, not understanding what is really in store for him being on the registry for 10 years. His life will be nothing like he ever hoped for. His dreams shattered because of a mistake. I plan to fight these laws. I am with you, Lourdes!