Sunday, July 7, 2013

TN - Inmates at Hardeman start bands

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Michael Donahue wants to be put out of business, and he's trying everything in his power to make that happen. Donahue is the warden at Corrections Corporation of America's Hardeman County Correctional Center. The facility, located in Whiteville, has 1,976 medium-security beds, and Donahue wants to make sure every inmate who is released stays out of prison. "It's all about public safety," he said. Hardeman County Correctional Center has several programs that inmates can be involved with that are designed to give them something to do, something to strive for and something to pursue when they're released. The center has educational and trade programs, including one through which 36 inmates received their GEDs in May. But one of the most unusual programs is a musical one.

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dlc said...

A warden with his head on straight. Let put him in charge of the bureau of prisons so his programs can achieve some real results.