Thursday, July 11, 2013

“Sexting”: From bad judgment to a registered sex offender

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Diigo Post Excerpt:
The technological phenomenon of “sexting” has seen such a dramatic increase in popularity that it is now defined in the Merriam Webster Dictionary: “the sending of sexually explicit messages or images by cell phone.” Moreover, if you ask a high school student to describe sexting, you may be surprised to hear it is a social norm. In a 2009 survey conducted by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen & Unplanned Pregnancy, twenty percent of teens said they had sexted. That number has since increased to over twenty-five percent. What these students and many others do not know is that sexting could land them on a sex offender registry for life. As a result, their names and reputations could forever be ruined by the simple push of a computer key, or touch of an iPhone.


nathan rabalais said...

instead of placing kids on the registry for doing something as stupid as this they should educate them and let them know that what they are doing is wrong and could get them in serious legal trouble if they are caught doing it instead of punishing they need to be educated on such things

Daver said...