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SC - W.A.R. calls out Governor Nikki Haley, Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew, Anderson Cooper and Other News Media

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Contact: Vicki Henry, Director
Women Against Registry
(202) 630-0345

Recently, this country has gone through months of listening to stories about George Zimmerman and the murder of a slain man and his scorned mistress, Jodi Arias . Where is the news coverage of the brutal stabbing murders of the Parkers? Why aren’t the perpetrators faces who forced their way in to Charles and Gretchen Parker’s home, not all over the air waves of ABC, NBC, MSNBC, HLN and other media networks?

Women Against Registry can tell you why. The why is because the Parker’s murders were not considered noteworthy of being publicized? The Parker’s lives do not matter because they were listed on the sex offender registry. Their lives do not matter to our Supreme Court, our judicial system or to the general public. Charles and Gretchen’s lives do not matter to reporters such as Dr. Drew, Anderson Cooper, and Nancy Grace, if they did, we would be hearing more about the horrific murders of Mr. and Mrs. Parker.

In lieu of the recent murders of Charles and Gretchen Parker, Women Against Registry demands that all citizens be afforded the right to privacy and protection. W.A.R. demands Governor Haley and the Governors of all states to remove the registries from public view and make them accessible to law enforcement only.

In 1991 Charles Parker was arrested and convicted of sexual misconduct. Nearly twenty two years later, Mr. Parker and his wife were stabbed to death and brutally murdered in their own home. The Parkers were slain by a man and a woman who went to their home with a story of a broken down vehicle. The couple entered their way into the home with a preconceived notion and intent to cause harm to Charles and Gretchen due to their address listed on a public registry. The couple admitted to law enforcement they found the Parker’s address (on the sex offender registry) and put their plan into motion.

In 2012, less than a year ago in Washington State, Patrick Drum tracked and hunted down two registrants who were listed on the publicized sex offender registry. In the wake of the two homicides, Mr. Drum admitted to slaying both men and was on his way to the third victim when he was apprehended by law enforcement. Mr. Drum premeditated and set out to brutally murder as many victims as possible. In the wake of his self-proclaimed glory, he left behind an elderly father of one victim and a wife and two small toddlers or the second. Mr. Drum’s last statement to the court was, “It had to be done!” Mr. Drum’s printed copy of the public sex offender registry was found on the front seat of his car when apprehended by law enforcement.

In 2005, two men on the Washington state registry were shot and killed by a vigilante who posed as a police officer and was allowed into their homes. Investigators of that horrific murder called it “one of the nation's most serious cases of vigilantism aimed at sex offenders.”

The public registry has been criticized by scholars who have extensive research and studies to prove that public registration does not protect anyone from harm. Thus, goes on to explain the registry causes more harm to innocent victims than it protects. Victims like Mr. and Mrs. Parker, family members, wives and dependent children of registrants who face vigilante crimes, public ostracism and harassment on a consistent basis.

W.A.R. calls for the removal of information on registrant families from public access due to it falling into the hands of individuals choosing to use it as a hit list.

Women Against Registry demands that all citizens in the United States be given the same civil and human rights as any other American.

Finally, W.A.R. asks for acknowledgement from South Carolina Governor Haley, Anderson Cooper, Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew, Pierce Morgan and the major media outlets . How many more children and families have to be slain or put through these types of tragedies to be heard?

Women Against Registry will keep asking WHY until we get an answer.

Vicki Henry
Women Against Registry
(202) 630-0345
Fighting the Destruction of Families
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