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SC - Sheriff: Killers (Jeremy & Christine Moody) targeted random sex offender

Jeremy & Christine Moody
Jeremy & Christine Moody
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Once again, more proof the online registry needs to be taken offline and used by police, to stop idiots from becoming vigilantes and murdering innocent people. How many must be murdered in cold blood before the police take the registry offline? The officer said nothing about vigilantism and using the registry to harass or harm anybody, so he's pretty much condoning it, in our opinion! Send this family your condolences for their loss. You can also contact this sheriff at the following web site. We have emailed them (see comments).



COLUMBIA (AP) - Authorities say a 30-year-old man and his wife targeted and killed a sex offender and his wife in their Union County home and planned to kill others on South Carolina’s sex offender registry.

Sheriff David Taylor said Jeremy Moody (Facebook) and his 36-year-old wife Christine (Facebook) were both charged with murder Wednesday, two days after a Jonesville couple was found dead in their home.

Taylor said the suspect picked 59-year-old [name withheld] at random and went to his house pretending to have car trouble. Taylor said Jeremy Moody told deputies that he told the couple he was killing them because [name withheld] was a child molester.

Authorities say both victims were shot and stabbed.

The sheriff says Moody told investigators they arrested him just before he planned to kill another sex offender.

Jeremy Moody - Book excerpt (Yesterday, Today & Forever)
Jeremy Moody - Book excerpt (Yesterday, Today & Forever)

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Mark said...

When these two clowns go to prison, they will heroes to the rest of the prison population. And just who in government is willing to submit a bill to remove the ubiquitous sex offender registration from the internet and leave it only for the police eyes? I doubt any person does not want to be responsible for the so-called aftermath of registry removal from the internet. Because people are so locked in to the sex offender attitude everyone will lie in wait for sex crimes to increase ten fold in my view.

Sex Offender Issues said...

Totally agree. They have no balls.

Sex Offender Issues said...

Exactly, they have no balls!

Loneranger said...

Once again those that place people on the registry for the world to hunt down and kill have succeeded. When this has happened before and is becoming more commonplace we have to assume this is what the registry is for. The government knows they are placing people in harms way but do nothing to stop it. So they are as guilty as the ones that pulled the trigger. Some won't even care as long as it was a sex offender. I'm sure if you asked most politicians they will have no feelings for this person. however how are they going to justify the wife's death? Will it just be unfortunate as look how much good has come from the registry. Really the war on sex. These are just acceptable collateral damage as we are still trying to save that one child that by the way no one can produce.

nathan rabalais said...

mark from the way it looks these two meet in prison you can tell there both carrier and more then likely belong to the aryan brotherhood it doesn't take ,much to tell that these two have a history of serving time in prison and looks like there going to be spending the rest of there life in prison

Sex Offender Issues said...

We have sent an email to this sheriff, as follows:

"We are saddened to hear about the recent vigilante murders of the Parker’s by Jeremy and Christine Moody, but this happens all the time across the county.

Here are a couple examples for your state:

How many ex-sex offenders and innocent family members must be killed before the hit-list is taken offline and used by police only?"

kid_you_not said...

Used by police? No, it just needs to stop entirely. It does no good.

kid_you_not said...

Where do you people get this nonsense? It is laughable. Is it some desperate desire to project some form of morality among the convicts? They will only be seen as Whites.