Monday, July 15, 2013

(URGENT) GA - RSOL - National Conference of State Legislatures

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Dear RSOL Affiliates & Supporters:

As you may have heard by now, RSOL will be sharing a booth with Women Against Registry (W.A.R.) and Sex Offender Solutions and Education Network (SOSEN) at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Legislative Summit in Atlanta, Georgia, on August 12-15. This is the premier opportunity to share our message with lawmakers from all over the country.

W.A.R. has been fund-raising to cover the cost of the booth itself, which includes such things as the table, tablecloth, chairs, and related services. Thanks to the generous offer of use of the California's Family Safety Foundation 501c3 certificate (FSF is the non-profit arm of CA-RSOL), that particular expense will be cut in half. Even with this great savings, we'll still need lots of financial support from you in order for RSOL to send our very best possible representatives.

Leading our delegation will be Larry Neely (Admin Team, Chair of our Scarlet Legal Action Project, and Board member of RSOL-NM.) Larry is the ideal person to represent National RSOL at the NCSL Summit. With his extensive background in legislative advocacy and firm understanding of "our" issue and message, Larry knows how to get our core message of constitutional and civil rights across to busy politicians.

We will do everything we can to keep costs down, but four nights at one of the hotels, four days of meals, plus airfare will run at least $1400 per person. And if we want to give our representative(s) full access to all the sessions (and to the lawmakers!) that will cost an additional $985 per person.

We know how much you want to see RSOL’s message delivered to our nation’s lawmakers at this very important national summit. We are ready to step out and send our very finest to do the job. This will be a sacrifice for each representative, who must stop everything else they are doing and take most of a week off from their day jobs to make this trip for us.

They need to know we "have their backs" on this. Please give generously. Send your checks TODAY (deadline is July 23 for some summit expenses) to RSOL, PO Box 534, Mansfield, OH 44901. Write “NCSL” on the subject line. Or make a PayPal contribution [], with a special message mentioning “NCSL” so that we can be sure to credit your gift appropriately.

Thank you!

Brenda Jones, Executive Director

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