Monday, July 22, 2013

PA - PSP hoping to improve Megan's Law notification

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LANCASTER - Pennsylvania State Police are looking at how to improve notification of local police when a Megan's Law offender fails to check in as required.

That's what authorities say happened with [name withheld], who was charged Wednesday with kidnapping a 5-year-old girl July 11 from Lancaster Township and sexually assaulting her.

[name withheld], 73, of Conestoga Township, was required to check in with authorities in person four times annually for his 1990 conviction for kidnapping and child rape. He served 20 years -- his maximum sentence -- and was released in May 2010. He apparently checked in as required until this spring.

He failed to check in during a 10-day period ending May 7, according to Southern Regional Police, who charged him July 12 with the Megan's Law violation.

By then, authorities were looking at [name withheld] for the abduction.

"We make every effort to make notifications as expeditiously as possible and continually assess our operations for ways to improve efficiency and timeliness," Maria Finn, a state police spokeswoman, said by e-mail Thursday.

But there's no time frame under Megan's Law in which state police must notify local departments about a person failing to check in, she said. The agency is looking into generating automated notifications, and would have to create a system to do so, Finn said.

State police have been dealing with a notification backlog tied to the Adam Walsh Act, which required that some 12,500 Megan's Law registrants in the state register with state police between Dec. 20 and March 20.


Tom l said...

What!!!! Megan's Law doesn't work?!?!? It's been a law for 20 years and the PSP is STILL tweaking it?

All the PSP screw up is going to do is make it harder on the ones that have been abiding by this Police State law that has changed 4 times since I pled guilty to possecession of CP.

From checking in once a year for 10 years to checking in 4 times a year for the rest of my life. (Actually I am one the website for longer because when I die, I don't get removed it just gets updated with, Deceased)

Just a mom said...

Whether he registered or not, the little girl could have still been kidnapped. The registry did not prevent this. The registry is nothing short of a continued punishment for those who have done their crime. If they should not be out - keep them in. If they have served their time, leave them alone. It is simple and a lot cheaper than the system currently.