Friday, July 12, 2013

PA - Grove City 11-Year-Old Found “Sexting” Topless Photos

Grove city 11-year-old found "sexting" topless photos
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By Mary Robb Jackson

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Grove City has a population of slightly more than 8,000, but even in mostly rural areas, some children are growing up way too fast.

We found that there was a young girl, 11 years of age, she was transmitting images of herself topless,” said Grove City Police Cpl. Mark Jaskowak.

A parent brought the “sexting” to the attention of police.

A parent caught a glimpse of an image on a computer that arose his suspicions,” Jaskowak said.

The physically mature 11-year-old was identified and police called her parents.

We did get good cooperation from the parents and they supplied us with the iPod that was being used,” Jaskowak said.

The device was sent to the State Police computer analysis lab. It was the youngest “sexting” case they’ve seen – both in pictures and online conversation.

They were like adult conversations with sexual connotations,” Jaskowak said.

A pediatrician also had some insight into why someone so young would do that.

Because kids have access to these social media, they’re more likely to do that,” said Dr. David Hefner.

Hefner says he thinks children do and say things on social media they normally wouldn’t do or say in person.

The biggest thing parents can do to prevent this from happening is to be aware of what their kids are doing,” Hefner.

And parents need to decide when to discuss sexuality – Hefner says it might be as early as age 9.

Sit down with your kids and here’s the birds and the bees talk, whether it makes them uncomfortable or not,” he said.

Police are continuing to investigate. They say the person who received the texts is older than the girl.

She is also being charged under the new sexting law — which makes it a summary offense.


nathan rabalais said...

instead of putting her on the registry and treating her like a leaper they should find a punishment that will seem fit for someone her age if this was my child i would take away there cell phone and any electronic device they had access to until they where 18 years old young kids do not need cell phones you give them cell phones and this is what happens

rasputin said...

Much more frightening than the descripted story itself is the fact that parents easily seem to -one hardly can call it any differently- betray there children to state authorities, at least if they know that instead of helpful assistance only a criminal charge will be the outcome of this.

One can only wonder why they would have an amount of that much faith into these structures, instead of trying to solve family matters without external influence...

deathklok said...

Personally I think this matter should have been handled with extreme discretion by the parents. Not plastered on the news and internet. Most of all keep the so called "Authorities" out of the picture. Now the police and child services will make this family's life a nightmare. Those photo's should have been deleted on the spot! We've seen how unscrupulous our authorities can be.

Sex Offender Issues said...

We agree.