Monday, July 8, 2013


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Diigo Post Excerpt:
Mr. Sullivan must have been pleased when, after he struck his deal, the district court decided to place him on probation. Under the applicable statutes, the court could have sentenced him to decades behind bars, and the government had asked the court to impose a prison term of at least a year. But Mr. Sullivan was likely less than pleased when the probation office noted his statutory eligibility for special sex offender probation conditions due to his previous 2001 sex offense conviction. And he was not at all pleased when the district court decided to impose certain sex offender probation conditions described in a 2008 order issued by all members of the Northern District of Oklahoma. Under the terms of that order, sex offenders placed on probation may be required to undergo testing and therapy, gain a probation officer's approval to have contact with children or possess pornography, and submit to monitoring of their computer activity. These are the conditions placed on his probation Mr. Sullivan now seeks to undo in this appeal.

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