Monday, July 8, 2013

Obama Supporters Sign Petition to Repeal the Bill of Rights?

This shows how clueless people are in today's society. Anybody who would sign this petition are the types of people who went along with Hitler during his reign. It's a sad day in America folks!


Loneranger said...

Thankfully this was just satire. However the people did blindly sign away their rights and protections and this shows how easy it would be. We are so close to being in Hitlers world it is really frightening. My last post concerning facial recognition and compared it to the people in Germany freely gave up their rights as it was being applied to sex offenders and never once thought it could be used on just anyone. They became complicit and believed anything as it was portrayed as a good idea coming from the top down. This is a prime example of just how gullible the population is and it only takes something like this to become law to completely enslave this country. Our freedoms and protections have been given away in the pretence of protecting the children. They are our rights and when you give up the rights of one you give up the same rights for all. Frankly the population has no clue as just how close we are to losing all rights and protections afforded us in the constitution. Some would just sign it away and worry about it after the fact as they didn't really understand how they were being taken advantage of. But so it goes one step at a time we are giving up rights and setting leagle precedence. Anytime a right for anyone is curtailed no matter who they are or for what reason it weakens the rights and protections for all. When the supreme court has to use a leagle dodge to rule something constitutional it opens the door and that protection under the constitution has been removed for all. Not just the ones they say it effects but all as precedence has been set and the protection removed. If it is purely regulatory they can do anything and circumvent the constitution and any and all protections to the populous. Hitler did the very same thing. He had a dream of a new world order. Who else has this same dream?

Rod said...