Monday, July 1, 2013

NM - New sex offender law starts Monday

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By Maria Guererro

New laws for sex offenders take effect in New Mexico tomorrow.

One of those laws closes a loophole for offenders from other states.

Starting tomorrow, offenders who are registered in another state will be required to register again here in New Mexico.

Sex offenders will also have to give their emails and onscreen nicknames, including any names they use for social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Governor Susana Martinez says law enforcement will be able to keep track of who they are contacting, and how they are communicating with adults and children.


dlc said...

Gathering an offenders online information has been found unconstitutional in other venues, if the offender was not sentenced with that information. What makes them think they are better than the other states. Another ex-post facto law.

john bea said...

Like that's really going to protect anything I wonder what they're going to do if a so-called sex offender decides to give them a dummy social media name just for their families and friends and then to snoop on while keeping a different profile on a computer elsewhere? This law does nothing to protect children it just gives law enforcement even greater intrusion on individual's private lives after they've already served their time I wonder when are they going to put other felonies to be watched on their own registry?

MC said...

I live here in Clovis, NM. I went to register in late July and I brought all my online info with me, but I was told by the Sheriff's Deputy I register with that it technically only applies to anyone sentenced after July 1st, 2013, but they aren't announcing that in the news or anything because they want offenders to volunteer that information because they think they have to. He was very upset about it and even shot off a strongly worded e-mail to the Governor about it. He told me to keep my information to myself and that as long as I live in this county, it won't be an issue.