Wednesday, July 24, 2013

NC - Police officer, wife (Tracy and Steven Webb) accused of having child porn

Tracy and Steven Webb
Tracy and Steven Webb
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By Mark Becker

KANNAPOLIS - A Kannapolis police officer and his wife have been arrested on federal child pornography charges.

The FBI arrested Steven Webb and his wife Tracy at their home in Kannapolis on Monday.

They are each charged with receiving, possessing and distributing child pornography and making false statements.

At their first appearances in federal court on Tuesday, a magistrate judge ordered them held in jail until their detention hearing on Friday.

Kannapolis police are not commenting on Webb's arrest, but they do say he had been an officer since June, 2008.

The FBI is not revealing the details of its investigation or how long it has been working on the case.

Neighbors who live near the Webbs told Eyewitness News that police officers, sheriff's deputies and federal agents showed up at the Webbs' home early Monday but didn't say why they were there.

"The streets were lined both sides and around the corner down there. All of the neighbors were out trying to find out what was going on," said Danny Evans, who lives two houses from the Webbs.

Evans said the Webbs had moved in about a year ago and kept to themselves, and their arrest makes him wonder about the safety of his own young children.

"I keep my kids in my yard, with me out here," Evans said.

Down the street, other neighbors had seen the activity Monday but did not know why police were there.

But once they found out the reason, it made some wonder whom they can turn to.

"You can't really trust nobody these days. For him to be an officer and kids involved, and I have three small kids and we stay on this side of the community," said Kim Camp.

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