Saturday, July 27, 2013

Message to Humanity

This is an excellent video, but make sure you practice what you are preaching as well.

Video Description:
On my birthday, I asked everyone on my Facebook and Twitter to make a video of themselves saying their one message to the world. To my surprise, I definitely did not expect the over 100 video submissions and large work load ahead. Even though this project was very tedious, it still was very humbling and inspiring being able to hear from people all over the world and their messages to mankind. I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for sending in their video submissions and being a part of this project. All of you are amazing and beautiful.

If this project taught me anything, it's that the answers and solutions to the world problems don't come with one messenger, but with all of us. Apologize for the very few submissions I could not use due to audio and video problems. I did my best editing this video and I hope everyone enjoys it.

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Robert Curtis said...

Ever thought, "I'm just one person my actions don't matter!" Ever been in a room with a mosquito?