Friday, July 19, 2013

Is It Time to Change How We Treat Sex Offenders?

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Diigo Post Excerpt:
The two filmmakers present two very different perspectives: Lisa reps victims, David, abusers. However, as the documentary shows, the US justice system creates victims of its own by pointlessly restricting convicts, many of whom were juveniles when convicted, and/or are guilty of victimless crimes.

Every high-profile sex crime spawns a rush to do something about the ‘predators’ among us.”

The rush to legislate creates two main problems. First, badly written laws give prosecutors too much latitude, which they use to slap harmless people with permanent, debilitating “sex-offender” labels. People like [name withheld], who had to register for having sex with his 15-year-old girlfriend. Whether you think that’s right or wrong, it defies reason to say that [name withheld]'s crime means he will pose a threat to his neighbors for the rest of his life.

Besides being a terrible injustice to these men and women, and it also weakens the power of the label. How seriously should you take it when a sex-offender moves in next store when you don’t whether he or she is a rapist or public urinator? When teenagers are branded for life for sexting, the label loses much of its meaning.

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Loneranger said...

Wow they really have a great little village there. To bad they are forced to seek out places like this in the first place. I can see that even though they are isolated from the rest of the world they still maintain an existence that is mostly normal. Well this is not a new idea really. Australia got started that way. However there are not a lot of available places like that left. What bothers me is I have heard some say why don't we just put them on an island some place. Well this is the closest thing to that and gee they are not going around raping each other either. People need to get educated. Fear is used to pass sex offender laws. The same type of fear used in the witch hunts. The same fear that was used in Germany to place jews in camps. Hey this looks like a camp.
well so far there isn't any razor wire that I can see and probably not a crematorium on site either. So guess this is ok.