Saturday, July 27, 2013

IA - Former Muscatine police officer (Thomas Andrew Tovar) charged with sexual assault

Thomas Andrew Tovar
Thomas Andrew Tovar
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By Jens Manuel Krogstad

A former Muscatine police officer has been arrested and charged with sexual assault, state officials said Friday.

Thomas Andrew Tovar, 46, is accused of assaulting a woman in her room at the Clarion Hotel on Feb. 13, 2013, after a car she was riding in was pulled over in an OWI traffic stop.

Sperm found on hotel bedding and the woman’s clothing matched DNA collected from Tovar, according to a court document released Friday by the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation.

The car’s driver, David Faust, was arrested after being pulled over. Tovar drove the woman to the hotel, police said, though the woman said she doesn’t remember how she reached her room after the traffic stop. The woman said she remembers a man with uniform-like clothes consoled her while he laid himself “over the top of her,” police said. A friend, police said, later found her in the bed naked and curled in a fetal position.

Faust, the car’s driver, filed a complaint with the Muscatine police the same day of the alleged assault. A police lieutenant interviewed Faust and the woman at the hotel while Tovar waited outside. The woman identified Tovar as “the man who was on top of her in the hotel room earlier that morning,” according to the court document.

Police then searched the room and gathered the bedding and clothing worn by the woman as evidence.

Tovar is being held in the Louisa County jail.

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