Friday, July 26, 2013

How to abolish child sexual abuse - eBook Published

Steve Mizera - How to Abolish Child Sexual Abuse
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I wish to announce that my eBook has been published and is available at Amazon and will be available elswhere soon. I wish to thank Sex Offender Issues blog for the many news reports that I copied and commented on to answer the questions: Who molests children, How and Why, Where and When, but most important What society must do to abolish child sexual abuse.

In short legislation must provide sexual abuse awareness before children become victims. Parents need to be held accountable if they could have prevented the abuse. And the current registration system needs to be replaced with a system that registers all adults who have a responsibility for the educational, spiritual or recreational development of children. At the time of their registration they must be made aware of the consequences should they molest an child.

The focus must shift from punishing past offenders (and their innocent families) to preventing current and future offenders.

Proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to The Foundation to Abolish Child Sexual Abuse (FACSA).

A Book Description may be necessary and follows.

From an early age we are taught to respect and trust police. Most of us do. But today we watch the evening news or read that another policeman has molested a child, or was caught with child pornography.

We begin to question our reason to trust. How is the molestation or the sexual abuse of children to be anticipated and stopped?

At the age of seventy-two I believe I have found answers to the questions: who molests children, where and when, and how and why?

But most important I offer recommendations on what must be done to prevent child molestation. In contrast, I examine and explain why what is being done today is not working.

Really good computer hackers eventually get caught and go to prison. Some then offer their experience to corporations and get paid well to prevent hacking.

Those in favor of hiring hackers (and the hackers hoping to be hired) will argue that “it takes one to catch one.” However, you don’t see law enforcement agencies hiring former murderers to help them catch violent criminals. So It all comes down to a question of trust.

I was physically and mentally abused as a child in an orphanage, and sexually abused in a second orphanage. I grew up to commit a similar despicable act for which I was convicted and spent time in the notorious Folsom State Prison.

This book is part of my effort at redemption. I examine many of the news stories that shock those who hear or read that yet another trusted man with a badge has violated that trust and destroyed a child's life. In rehashing these news reports I am not anti-police, but I am anti-child sexual abuse.

I believe my book makes the case for what is necessary in order to abolish child sexual abuse. There must be mandatory child sexual awareness taught to children as soon as they enter school with age appropriate increases in knowledge as they go through school.

Parents must be held accountable if there was any way they could have prevented the abuse but failed to do so.

The sex offender registration needs to be abolished because it focuses on who already committed the sexual abuse of children. Instead, registration of all adults who are responsible for the academic, spiritual and recreational education of children should be implemented and the focus should be on the consequences should they abuse a child. This will shift the emphasis to prevention, not needless punishment of the families of ex-sex offenders.

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