Monday, July 8, 2013

URGENT - GA - Legislative Summit - 50 States... One City (PLEASE READ)

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Imagine the cost effectiveness of lobbying all 50 State Legislatures at one time in one city!

USA FAIR hopes to do just that by exhibiting at the 2013 Legislative Summit hosted by the The National Conference of State Legislatures to be held August 12th through the 15th in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a once a year opportunity to bring our voices to the people who shape the policies that so profoundly impact the lives of law abiding former offenders and their families.


The exhibitors fee for a table is $1,825. The additional costs to send a delegation of four volunteers to cover the four day event, including travel and hotel accommodations - plus the cost of signage and hand-out materials will require that we raise $5,000 by July 17th.

This is too good of an opportunity to pass on. Our presence will help establish USA FAIR as a serious advocacy group on the national stage.

To our generous donors we ask that you step up again and make another contribution targeted to this critical initiative.

To our followers who have not yet made a financial donation - now would be the perfect time to become a donor.

We all can't go to Atlanta for four days - but we all can certainly give what we can afford to see that our voices are heard and our presence felt by legislators from all 50 states.

We're in this fight together and everyone needs to do their part.

Please pledge whatever you can today to make this special fund drive a success and make your donation on July 15th!

Thank you!

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