Monday, July 1, 2013

FL - Well what do you know, 10 more police officers in Florida busted for sex crimes

Lakeland Police Cruiser
Lakeland Police Cruiser
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Florida is filled with police committing sexual crimes, as seen here.


LAKELAND - Lakeland's police chief plans to meet with city commissioners after a sex scandal rocked the department.

The meeting will focus on how to move forward after a civilian employee claimed over the past 10 years she has engaged in sex acts and sexually suggestive behavior with as many as 10 officers while they were on duty.

Five of the officers were supervisors or ranked members of the department, the report says.

The sexual encounters were both consensual and unwanted, while occurring in police cruisers and in the department itself, according to a report.

Three officers, Sgt. Bryan McNabb, Sgt. Rusty Longaberger and Sgt. David Woolverton, are accused of providing false testimony.

Capt. John Thomason, Lonaberger, Woolverton and Lakeland firefighter David Bivens have been put on administrative leave.

Lt. Al Wilson and McNabb have been placed on "modified assignment."

The city of Lakeland said it is conducting an internal investigation.

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Loneranger said...

One has to wonder about this but not to long as what do you think these cops do when they think no one is looking. Really? We always thought they hung out in the doughnut shop but apparently that was just a cover. I'm sure these officers lead by example to. How deep does this go? Surely it isn't just a local problem as there have been many news reports about Florida's police. What really chafes my rear about this deal is Florida has the worst sex offender laws in the nation. they also have the most sex offender and collect the most federal dollars to pay these cops to watch all the sex offenders. And all the time the cops were out being sneaky little sex offenders themselves and getting paid to do so. I can see now why politicians and law enforcement think sex offenders always repeat. Are they speaking from their own experience? Is this just a way for Florida to make federal dollars and the politicians and police are part of some elite group? We all know they must think they are above the law. How many politicians get caught with underaged girls or boys in some cases? Plenty. They tend to sweep it under the rug until it is just to much leverage one of the other politicians can't pass it up. We live in a society filled with hypocrisy. people with their own skeletons in closets and the bones rattle from time to time.

when it is someone else we say hang them high and not in my neighborhood. However don't look to close at my life please.

Well I really hope all these good ol boys in Florida get exposed and the list of sex offending cops grows and shows just what kind of manipulative people they are. Maybe they can all go live under a bridge together someplace. Well welcome to the world you people created. Enjoy.