Saturday, July 6, 2013

FL - Police: Sex offender lurking around courthouse

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Come on, did any officer bother to ask him what he is doing there?


By Vic Micolucci

JACKSONVILLE - Police in Jacksonville have issued a warning about a registered sex offender hanging around near the Duval County Courthouse.

Jacksonville police said they had noticed [name withheld] throughout the day in certain areas on the property. Officers began an email, which was forwarded to courthouse employees, such as those at the Clerk of Courts.

[name withheld] has convictions of several crimes, including attempted sexual battery with a weapon, kidnapping and aggravated stalking.

[name withheld] is described as a black man with brown eyes, 5 feet tall and 163 pounds.

Those who work at or are going to the courthouse are urged to be extra cautious and walk in groups if possible.

"I mean, am I supposed to take somebody with me every time I go to the courthouse?" Marteal Lamb said. "I mean, he has his rights. It's a public area. I'm not sure."

Police said [name withheld] is not committing any crimes for hanging around the property, but they are warning people about his presence for safety reasons.

"Very shocked to know that someone with that demeanor is hanging around the courthouse," said Michelle Grant, who works at the courthouse. "I try to stay in the building as much as possible, and then at the end of the day when I come out I'm always looking around to be aware of my surroundings."

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Mark said...

This is just another example of the mental illness that permeates people in America, and I am not writing about this man who was at the courthouse "hanging" around the courthouse. I am surprised the "hanging" was not replaced with "LURKING." That would have made it even moire menacing. And now of course all the people that have business at the courthouse or have to appear there/work can now "tool-up" and walk in crowds, maybe even run into the courthouse, carry whistles, groups of ten huddling together would work. Add to the fact this man is "black," really touches it off. Perhaps armed escorts could be done. America is ill, bankrupt spiritually, psychologically, this article is the tip of the iceberg. This is 2013, not the year 1600 in Salem Massachusetts and this article bespeaks the wall that has been created that has turned America into a rejuvenated hunt for the elusive sex offender - just like the days of Joseph McCarthey ---- REMEMBER? Salem? REMEMBER? The inquisition (circa 1200's). REMEMBER??

dlc said...

What's he supposed to do? The residency restrictions have cause3d this, society has caused this. Get over it and realize that its the publics fault not his!

shiners said...

There are so many weirdos out there; you definitely don't have to be a sex offender to be a weirdo. If this man was NOT a sex offender I would STILL stay clear of him, as I would do of anyone that seems to wander in an area where people generally don't wander.

Furthermore... 5 feet tall and 163 lbs? Sounds like the Penguin from Batman. Does he have a weapon, probably not. How old is this guy?

Perhaps he is wandering because he doesn't know yet how to ask people for money and he hasn't gotten enough courage to do so. He was probably self sufficient for all his life until becoming a sex offender and banishing him to the outskirts of society with no job or money. I'm speculating; but my speculation is likely more accurate than the media's speculation that the guy is dangerous.

While kidnapping is obviously wrong; you can be charged with kidnapping for trivial BS when there was no intention of kidnapping.
During my last registration in the office, a fellow registrant said he was charged with kidnapping because his girlfriend wanted to leave and he didn't want to drive her home after a fight; so she complained to the police that he wouldn't let her leave his house. BAM Kidnapping!

After hearing story after story and being through the system myself, it is obvious that the law is one gigantic gray area when they add on charges; but the punishment is all black and white.

Oh you bumped into a 14 year old girl at the fair and your elbow touched her boobers? Well that's sexual assault of a minor brotha'. You already admitted to touching her with your elbow, so technically you violated the law. Oh it was an "accident"? Nah we don't believe you... 2 years in prison and lifetime registration.

I digress.

The bottom line is the media is here to entertain; and right now sex offenders are the guys sent into the Colosseum with only a wooden sword against the tigers or lions, or whatever animals they used back then.

nathan rabalais said...

Now what's he suppose to do if he had to go to court for something did they ever think of that what are these idiots thinking