Tuesday, July 23, 2013

FL - Jessica Lunsford's father speaks

Mark failed to mention that child porn was found on his machine when Jessica went missing and that his own son touched a child in the wrong way, yet nothing happened to his son except for 10 days in jail. So if Mark meant what he said, his computer would've been confiscated and investigated as well as his son, he'd be in jail / prison and on the registry for life.


dlc said...

What a hypocrite! He's the one who has pushed this mess upon the sex offender group. Lets make it fair and have a registry for everybody or find a way to treat all people who made a mistake the same.

nathan rabalais said...

ok so he had CP on his computer and his son was caught with a kid touching him/her and got away with it and never got on the registry i'm sorry to say this but to me someone knew about this that was from flora-duh and said if they used his daughters name to pass the law and the would make sure they all those charges vanished look at john walsh he admitted he dated a 16 year old girl and he got away with it because they passed a law using his sons name and the guy was never on the registry it's just another fell good law and a waste of tax payers money