Tuesday, July 9, 2013

CO - Woman (Sareena Morrison) accused of attempting to rob pedophile, kidnap child gets 4 years of probation

Dustin Canup and Sareena Morrison
Dustin Canup and Sareena Morrison
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The Adam Walsh "child protection and safety" act was originally written to protect children. Now think about this. Many people who are busted for online stings didn't actually commit a crime, but they probably would have. Now the same thing applies to these vigilantes. They potentially would have kidnapped a child, extorted someone they claim is a "pedophile" and maybe worse. Now, instead of the Adam Walsh Act punishing everybody who harms children, it is only going after those who committed, or would have committed, a sex crime. Now if this act was working like it was originally intended, then they would be placed on an online child abuse registry for everyone to see, not to mention a dangerous offender registry, kidnapping registry, and possibly others.


By Robert Allen

A Loveland woman accused of conspiring with her boyfriend to rob a pedophile and kidnap his daughter was sentenced Tuesday to probation, public service and mental health treatment.

Sareena Morrison, 18, took a plea deal of attempted extortion and is to spend four years on probation, avoiding prison time, after she was arrested in January on charges that included attempted kidnapping and robbery. Her codefendant, Dustin Canup, 20, is set for sentencing Aug. 13 after taking a plea deal to the same charge, a Class 5 felony.

The pair were arrested at the Hiway Motel in Loveland, where they believed they were meeting a man and his 6-year-old daughter. Instead, Loveland Police detectives rented the room as part of an undercover investigation after finding Morrison through a citizen's tip. They found handcuffs and a 12-inch knife on Canup, according to the affidavits.

"Morrison and Canup admitted to planning to meet (men found through a pornographic website) and extort them for money or take their money by force if necessary when they met," according to the affidavits. "(The two) admitted that they were planning on kidnapping this 6-year-old girl from Loveland, keeping her, and raising her as their own daughter."

Morrison is to serve 120 hours of public service and is not allowed contact with Canup, per order of 8th Judicial District Judge Thomas French.

The two told Loveland Police Department investigators in January of their scheme to use a pornographic website to entice (entrap) men who wanted Morrison to engage in sex acts with children, according to their arrest affidavits.

The couple told police Canup had lost his job, they were seeking money and they had no intention of having sex with children.


nathan rabalais said...

you know if they was here in utah both of them would be put on the sex offender registry for the attempted kidnapping

dlc said...

What good does it do to keep them apart? They are easier to watch if they are allowed to keep their relationship. These judges who keep tearing up relationships make me think that this is another way to inflict more punishment from the perpetrators.
This is another reason that groups like anonymous need to get the message that this behavior will not be tolerated. This is also another reason why the registry should be for law enforcement use only.

Mark said...

"The couple told police Canup had lost his job, they were seeking money and they had no intention of having sex with children." Oh sure - "check is in the mail."

Loneranger said...

These kind of things happen to people on the registry all the time. These two are not mental cases as much as would be opportunist. The fact that people on the registry are vulnerable to these kinds of things is obvious as who is going to stand up for them. Who wouldn't believe some story someone might come up with to manipulate them into a position for some kind of extortion or worse. Most anyone as we are taught that a sex offender has no rights or credibility.They have no protections from being abused by the government through unconstitutional laws and the only explanation is they have no rights. If a child had not been involved no one would have known of their crimes. Frankly they got off easy sending yet another message that the system doesn't even care about people on the registry or their children but were caught in a catch 22 as it was a child in danger but just a sex offenders child so what's the big deal. Right? If the situation had been different and it was the sex offender that had done this they would be doing life before the day was over.

We as a society seeking to be all knowing and so judgemental we have created this vast list of potential victims for people like these two to pick and choose their next target. We have not made a safer world for the populous. As we single out one group to villainize we create an opportunity for more victims. Frankly sex offenders have set the standard as any other crime must be less than that so why does anyone care if we rob them or kill them or send them to sleep under a bridge? After all even the government offends against them by side stepping constitutional protections making politicians as guilty as these two of being opportunists looking to use sex offenders for their own gain. One has to wonder how they can stop this battleship or even slow it down some. The entire system is out of control and now has made close to a million families susceptible to being preyed on. do we continue to turn a blind eye to the fact that this system is making people that are known to be politically unarmed easy prey. Or do we discount these people and figure they really don't count anyway. Their children don't count for much either. So as we go along trying to save the one child that is worthy we sacrifice those we feel are not. Isn't this the way it is and no one will stand up and say this is really not in the best interests of public safety. The registry causes more problems than it's worth as people can not be trusted to use the information as intended. There is always a loophole that criminals will find to use against someone to manipulate them. Why place someone and their family at risk? i know as we come back to if it saves one child it is worth it. However lets pick and choose what child that one might be? Frankly this entire system is broken and as long as it feels good we continue. People that abuse continue to escalate each time until they get help. Can we find away to help our politicians to stop abusing? Do we need a telethon to fund research for this disease? They have a virus that is turning into a pandemic and the two in this article are poster children for this disease.

Chance_X74 said...

Considering they were answering an ad to molest a 6 year old, I'm having a hard time figuring out why they weren't prosecuted for a sex offense for answering the add and showing up. If mere intent is good enough to prosecute someone for soliciting a minor or enticement of a minor when they show up, wouldn't showing up in answer to an ad to molest a minor be the same?

e.canup said...

hi my name is ernest canup just wanted to let yall know dustin and her are staying apart, he doesnt want anything to do with that crazy bitch, and any way if they do get back together its violation of their legal papers and they go to prison.
and they didn't find anyone on the registry btw, they targeted two people who offered to sell their daughters to them for sex. try researching the case. have any other stupid questions or misinformeed assumptions?