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CANADA - Convicted sex offender now the victim of brutal assault by Jose Louis Flores

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They also have not published his photo. If it was the other way around where the ex-sex offender attacked the man, their photo would be all over the place.



A convicted sex offender who once tricked a woman into thinking he was a cop and then raping her has now himself been victimized in a brutal assault, an attack allegedly sparked by how he treated the girlfriend of the man now suspected of trying to murder him.

The man, 36, is identified in provincial court documents as the victim of a June 3 attempted murder following a confrontation at a Victor Street home on the evening June 3.

He was rushed to hospital in critical condition with "life-threatening" injuries, said police Friday. His medical status stabilized shortly after. Friday, police said they charged Jose Louis Flores, 41, with attempted murder in connection with the attack.

Court records show Flores also goes by the surname Cruz.

Police remained tight-lipped about possible motive, but a police source said Flores is suspected of seeking out the victim after an incident the day before involving his girlfriend. "It wasn't a random act," the source said. Flores and the victim were otherwise strangers, according to the source.

The victim behaved "inappropriately" in some "minor" way towards her the day before the attack on Victor Street, according to the source.

Flores has a lengthy criminal history which includes convictions for robbery, theft, breaking and entering and assault. He's presumed innocent of the latest allegations, which have not been proven in court. Born in El Salvador, Flores came to Canada about as a boy about 30 years ago. He is a Canadian citizen. The victim was handed the equivalent of a 7.5 year sentence in October 2007 after pleading guilty to housebreak-enter to commit sexual assault and impersonating a peace officer. In July 2006, he randomly broke into a Kate Street apartment in search of money for crack cocaine. He tricked the startled occupants — a man and a 35-year-old woman — into believing he was a police officer.

After groping the 35-year-old victim during a purported "search" for weapons, he took from the apartment into a communal bathroom and raped her.

He fled the scene but was caught nearly immediately by police patrolling the area. He was described at sentencing to be a "moderate to high risk to reoffend" and at the time a person who couldn't be managed safely in the community. He also has a youth conviction for attempted sexual assault dating back to 1993. Flores made an initial appearance in court Thursday morning after being arrested and charged that day "without incident," said police. As of Friday morning, he remained in custody.

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