Tuesday, July 30, 2013

CANADA - Canadian vigilante and "founder" of BUACA is out harassing ex-offenders and families while the Canadian Royal Mounted Police do nothing!

These videos are on YouTube (Channel, Website), but we have downloaded them, as well, in case they goes missing. This person is going to the homes of ex-offenders and harassing them and their families! Surely that is a crime in Canada? We've also contacted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, here.

Video #1 - The Announcement

Video #2 - The Harassment
Sorry folks, he has deleted the video and we will not be re-posting it here.


Mark said...

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police - THE GREAT ENABLERS OF THE CROWN.

Sex Offender Issues said...

An admin emailed the RCMP, and attached is their response. Figures! They are pretty much condoning it. All they have to do is check out the videos, and if it's illegal, ask YouTube to delete them.

KillKiddiPorn said...

We love you John Anderson......

bkzalley said...

I reported this video to YouTube, though it probably won't do any good.

Report this video

Thank you for submitting your report. Here is the information we received from you:

Issue reported:

Hateful or abusive content > Promotes hatred or violence

Timestamp selected:


Additional details:

His vigilante stance and harassment of a sex offender is against the law. This leads people to think it is ok when it is not. Others may follow this kind of harassment and could end up in violence and even death. We have a responsibility to stop the hate before it becomes more than just hate. Please remove these kinds of videos before it is too late and someone is harmed.

bkzalley said...


Deborah S said...

He is doing a great job, Hope he comes to my town to expose a shit load of them here who rape boys in the Catholic Church.

KillKiddiPorn said...

Actually it is legal in Canada, freedom of the media, protected by media law's. Just like any other news network.