Wednesday, July 31, 2013

CA - LAPD officer (Miguel Schiappapietra) pleads no contest to molesting girls

Miguel Schiappapietra
Miguel Schiappapietra
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CASTAIC - A Los Angeles police officer has pleaded no contest for allegedly sexually molesting one young girl and attempting to molest another after luring them to his home.

Prosecutors say 28-year-old Miguel Schiappapietra entered his plea Tuesday to two felony charges of lewd acts on a child under 14 years of age. He is expected to be sentenced to three years in prison and ordered to register as a sex offender when he returns Sept. 6 for sentencing.

Authorities say the two girls — ages 5 and 8 — told detectives they were lured into his home in Castaic in May, while he was off-duty.

Schiappapietra has been with the department for six years, and was working with the Foothill Division.

LAPD had no immediate comment on his job.

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1 comment :

NJ45143112 said...

Well, well...
I haven't seen the old double standard in a long time...
3 years?!
You might as well force him to put his shoes on the wrong feet and walk for a mile for all the good that time does!
For that matter, what about all of us who this insults!
If I'd know that I could ACTUALLY engage in sex and get the same sentence, well, who knows...
Of course, that's a nonsense statement since I never even came close to so much as touching a minor sexually or otherwise but I can imagine that there are plenty out there who will be incensed by this ruling...
Cop or not, you don't stalk children and get a slap on the wrist...
The judge should be sent to prison with this guy as an accomplice...