Thursday, July 25, 2013

AUSTRALIA - Policeman (Marc David Osborn) says he filmed sex to compete with colleagues

Marc David Osborn
Marc David Osborn
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By Paul Bibby

Senior Constable Marc Osborn was a popular topic at Gladesville police station last spring.

"The topic of conversation around the station was 'have you seen Osborn's latest video?'," Senior Constable Osborn's superior officer Inspector Ron Trundle recalled in a written statement some months later.

"Osborn was known and it was general conversation that he was entertaining several different ladies, and I had heard him using code words for women. I heard Osborn refer to the women as 'events' and the number of times with each woman as 'incidents'."

"Osborn started showing videos to other police."

The videos were recordings Senior Constable Osborn secretly made of himself having sex with women he met through dating sites.

Inspector Trundle's statement is among a tranche of court documents viewed by Fairfax Media that set out the full allegations against the officer, who is facing three charges of filming a person engaged in a private act for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification.

It is alleged Senior Constable Osborn enticed the women back to his house, wined and dined them, then filmed himself having sex with them using a spy-style camera hidden in an analogue alarm clock.

"I feel this is a huge betrayal and violation of my trust", an alleged victim said in her statement.

The Downing Centre Local Court heard on Thursday that, having made the recordings, Senior Constable Osborn showed them to colleagues, while boasting and laughing about his sexual exploits.

"The majority of the time Osborn would show me these videos at work," Constable John Jeffrey said in a statement.

"I remember this video because Osborn would play it without prompting for a laugh. This video consisted of a girl making extreme orgasmic noises."

Senior Constable Osborne did not deny he secretly filmed the women, but he said it was not done for sexual gratification but in a bid to prove his masculinity to his predominantly younger colleagues.

"My team that I was on … I think I was the second oldest … a lot of them were junior officers in their mid 20s," he said during at times tearful testimony.

"Being 40-odd years old at the time, I guess I was just trying to compete with my peers … trying to join in the conversation."

The 42-year-old claimed it was not uncommon for the officers at Gladesville to share videos of themselves having sex, and that senior officers knew what was going on and did not take any action.

"There's no suggestion he [Trundle] confronted Osborn and said 'I know about this and I'm not happy about it'," Senior Constable Osborn's barrister Tim Watts said.

It was Senior Constable Osborn's own colleagues who reported his behaviour to senior officers and the Professional Standards Command.

Prosecutor Matthew Karpin rejected the claim that other officers were complicit in the behaviour and Senior Constable Osborn's explanations for his transgressions.

"You said it was 'just boys being boys', but you're not a boy any more, are you?" Mr Karpin said. "The defendant would have the court believe this was not sexually motivated behaviour," he said in his closing submissions. "But to suggest this is anything other than sexual prurience is beyond credulity."

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