Friday, July 5, 2013

AL - Murder suspect (Jose Manuel Martinez) confesses to killing more than 30 people

Jose Manuel Martinez
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And yet people like this (serial killers) you don't see on some online registry!


LAWRENCE COUNTY (WAFF) - Police confirm a Tennessee Valley murder suspect may have been one busy killer. Jose Manuel Martinez is charged with murder for one killing in Lawrence county and may be connected to dozens of other murders.

Lawrence County Sheriff's investigators said they put his name on the national crime information center database and an hour later got a hit from Arizona where authorities in Yuma picked up Martinez as he tried to cross into the U.S. from Mexico.

Once they got him to confess to the murder here, investigators said he started telling him about scores of other murders. Authorities have connected him to 10 murders in California and two in Florida.

According to authorities, Martinez said he killed while collecting drug-related debts in retaliation for things done to his family members, and that he even claims he murdered child sex predators in vigilante-style killings.

"You work the evidence. You work those types of angles to build a good case in the event you don't get a confession. Obviously, when you get a confession for the case, that can be a surprise in itself. But when they start confessing to other cases that you're not investigating, it is a shock. You don't expect to encounter someone that tells you they possibly killed over thirty people," said Capt. Tim McWhorter with the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office.

One of the many cases that Martinez is now tied to happened in Florida six years ago in November 2006.

Two men were found zip tied and shot multiple times inside a truck along the road in Marion County, Florida.

A key piece of evidence was found in a soda can. Police said they pulled DNA off a cigarette butt they discovered inside the can.

Investigators said that DNA matches Jose Martinez.

One of the victims, 20-year-old Javier Huerta, was reportedly moving large quantities of cocaine. The other victim, 28-year-old Gustavo Rivas, was a friend of Huertas. Police said it looks like he was an innocent bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong person.


Daver said...

You notice that the fact he was killing Ex Offenders was only mentioned as a side note. Bet he used the Online Shaming list to find them.

Loneranger said...

One has to wonder why the government insists on enabling people to do things like this. They publicise sex offenders personal information and then when someone uses it to track down and kill the sex offender it is often just swept under the rug as if they have no responsibility. this person is made to look less of a monster as the people he killed were not worth much anyway. So what is the big deal? We are told sex offenders are dangerous and it is right in our faces day in and day out. Why wouldn't some think it is ok to kill them. The government almost covertly sets it up. You wouldn't give a nuclear weapon to a five year old to play with but you give out information that is potentially destructive and deadly in the wrong hands with no regard. Given until someone gets killed it is only a potential problem. Now many have been killed and it is no longer just something that could happen it has been proven over and over that this information does much more harm than good. To assume they are saving one child from potentially being abused placing others at risk isn't really productive. We can talk about the cost in tax monies but really the cost in human life outweighs that ten fold. When will our politicians see this? Are extra votes worth someone's life? they didn't know these victims or their families so can be disconnected and maybe even feel justified some place down deep. This has to stop. This is a failed experiment that has lead to more deaths and abuse then it will ever prevent.

One has to wonder if you were to stop the registration of sex offenders and take a different approach to the problem that is more mental health driven than punishment more would report and get help. but no we continue down this road creating more carnage along the way.