Friday, June 7, 2013

WA - Senator's son to enter sex offender program

Sen. Brian Hatfield
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OLYMPIA - The son of a Washington state senator has been sentenced to participate in a two-year sex offender treatment program.

KIRO-TV reports that Democratic Sen. Brian Hatfield's 15-year-old son was sentenced earlier this week in Lewis County. The teenager had pleaded guilty to four charges of child molestation and four charges of raping a child after a younger boy reported a series of incidents that occurred at the lawmaker's home.

The records say that Hatfield became aware of the abuse in mid-February, and authorities learned of the problems two months later after school officials reported that a student had disclosed details of sexual abuse.

After the sentencing, defense attorney Cristine Beckwith told KIRO-TV the senator did not make a report to authorities because he did not know specifics of what had occurred.


Daver said...

How old was the victim? Is his son going to have to register? My guess is no.

grooms said...

So while he's in the program or after the program is he going to have to register as a level 3 sex offender, like everyone else would have to?

NJ45143112 said...

He "...didn't make a report to authorities because he did not know the specifics of what had occurred?"
Are you kidding me?
He's a freakin' senator! He knew the specifics as well as anybody! If the kid was reported, he would be a sex offender for life! He would go to jail! The senator would be branded as the father of a sex offender! Of course he didn't respond because he knew the consequences of idiot laws he probably supported!
Of course, the kid is already getting special treatment since he's not being sent to prison, is probably on home confinement and there is no mention of registration. Since the media is really quick to mention when anybody is supposed to register, I'm guessing they got that waived somehow...