Tuesday, June 11, 2013

TX - County sex offender ordinance talks continue

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We think someone may be running for higher office.



Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant met with Andrew Johnson, the chief of staff for Texas District 59 State Representative J.D. Sheffield, last week to discuss the lack of a county ordinance limiting sex offender presence at or around schools or other child zones.

I want the law to be changed to where a sheriff in the state of Texas can write ordinances and give sex offenders clear guidelines where they can and cannot be,” Bryant said.
- If they want to make laws, then they need to run for political office.  Police do not and should not be making laws!

He said surrounding counties have also lent their support to the issue.

I contacted the sheriff’s offices in Palo Pinto, Lampasas, Somervell, Hamilton, Comanche, Eastland, Brown, Bosque and Hood counties to see where they stand on the matter, and they all agreed there needs to be change," Bryant said.

Bryant said he does not want to infringe on a registered sex offender's freedoms or ability to earn a living.
- But that is exactly what he is proposing here.

I want the ability to be able to protect these children, and when they’re dropped off at school, I want their parents not to have to worry about their well-being,” Bryant said.

Johnson said he will continue researching the issue.

"The ordinance we want in place out in the county is the same one that is in the city," he said. "No sex offenders hanging around a school or a child zone whatsoever.”

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