Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Wellhouse - I-20: The Sex Trafficking Superhighway

Video Description:
"Sex trafficking, the forced prostitution of women and girls, is a billion-dollar industry and growing. As shocking as it may seem, it is happening here in America. It is happening in your city, at this very moment. That is why The WellHouse needs your help. By collaborating with law enforcement, we can rescue victims from the sex trade, nurturing and helping them realize their potential. Together, we can change the story of these lives." - The Wellhouse

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Mark said...

This is going to read as very cynical but, where this an opportunity to makes tons of money and a market for it, lets do it no matter the wrongfulness of it or the critical moral implications thereto. It really is all about the $$$$$$$$$$ at the hands of evil unscrupulous individuals.