Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The False Allegation Epidemic

Video Description:
On the increasing prevalence of false accusations made by women against men in the areas of rape, domestic violence and child sexual abuse. Looks at the tragic consequences for men as their lives are destroyed by lying women, with many even driven to suicide by the false allegations.

This film is part of a Bitesize series of short clips that looks at individual elements of Feminism, Equality and Misandry in society.

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Mark said...

Since women, and now children have become the "endangered species" class sponsored by years of "feminist'" weeping and crying and the legislatures altering laws such as the rules of evidence against these types of allegations, it is no wonder why men are accused of these crimes that never happened. Keep it up ladies, you have utterly destroyed the relationship between men and women and have truly demonstrated your collective misanthropic attitude about men which is actually your real agenda. Congrats. You all have fallen right into the hands of those who desire to destroy this county by promoting as much hate with everyone as possible.