Sunday, June 30, 2013

PETITION - Outlaw "Mugshot" Websites, Online "Reputation Management" firms and other Online Extortion Websites

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"Mugshot" websites post arrest data, then demand a "Removal Fee" to have the mugshots/personal profiles removed. I have seen extortion fees of these websites range from $79 - $1,700 or higher. Often after the extortion fee is paid, they do not remove the info. or pass it along to another mugshot website. These websites display mugshots/profiles of people who were arrested but never convicted of any crime, people who were convicted then had their conviction overturned, or had their records expunged and even people who are now deceased. Currently Georgia, Utah, Florida, Texas, Oregon and Illinois have either proposed or passed legislation to ban this online extortion scheme. Lawsuits have emerged from Ohio, Michigan, California, Washington, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oregon, Arizona, Illinois.

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nathan rabalais said...

Mugshots is still here in utah there still printing weekly papers

dufas said...

Yup wherevi live to and they offer a discount prise of $300. But only to be taken off there site