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PA - False rape allegations affect police, the community and future victims

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By Ewa Roman

In the past year there have been at least three times where someone reported a rape or abduction in our area, which turned out to be false.

On June 6, Silver Spring Township police dealt with a false rape report after a woman said she was thrown into a van and raped on June 2.
On May 24th, in Lancaster City, a woman told police she was abducted and shoved into a trunk. It lead police on a five-hour manhunt. Turns out, she was allegedly making the whole thing up.

Also in May, police say a 15-year-old girl lied about an assault and fighting off her four attackers. That one happened in York County.

And who could forget the report that put the community on edge about an alleged rape at the CVS parking lot on Allentown Boulevard in Dauphin County back in 2011. Amber Adams later admitted she made up the story.

Kristen Houser is with the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape. She says national statistics show that it's estimated between two and eight percent of reported rapes are false.

"People have a lot of things going on in their life. They may be looking for a distraction, they may looking for support from other people," said Kristen Houser, PA Coalition Against Rape.

Sergeant Shawki Lacey is with the Susquehanna Township Police Department. He says falsely reporting a crime not only effects the person accused and the alleged victim, but it takes a toll on the community as well.

"It causes an uproar in the community, no one wants crime in their community, especially crimes of violence against persons," Sergeant Shawki Lacey, Susquehanna Township Police Department.

When someone reports a fake crime, that also takes police away from real crimes they could be investigating.

"Basically you have officers, detectives, forensics of multiple jurisdictions potentially, labs are all working on this common goal to try to identify who committed this crime, arresting that person," said Sgt. Lacey.

Sergeant Lacey says if you report a false crime, you could be charged with anything from a misdemeanor to a felony and face jail time.

In addition, the person who you falsely accused could file a civil lawsuit against you.

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Ranger said...

It is just to easy to lie. No or little consequences and look how much power a female has. With just a word you're fighting for your very life. Makes having sex for males like playing russian roulette with a hang fire in the breach that could go off whenever she likes. Even though this has been the way it is since sex offender registrations and all the laws around them have been written it isn't till law enforcement get run around chasing no one that they complain. Well at least they didn't just go out and pick up someone and then convict on her say so. This does happen as well. So i guess considering how much danger the males are in when it comes to sex and the amount of power a woman has with just a word. One has to wonder when will men just stay away from women altogether. i know probably not going to happen but really is it worth the risk of her at some point saying you raped her? Or you abused her kids or whatever sex scandal available. I'm not saying that the ones that commit forcible rape or abuse should not be arrested and tried. I'm saying that if falsely accused the female needs to spend her life with the consequences she tried to lay on the guy. After all she is trying to end this persons life. Akin to attempted murder because the penalties are so great. So if we really want to be fair about this maybe we need to tighten up on what it takes to even claim you have been raped or abused. Hard evidence as well as her taking a lie detector test to see if she might be making this up. I know the poor victim. But really we need to find out who is being victimised first. Then hold the violator accountable.