Thursday, June 6, 2013

IL - Ban on sex offenders at restaurant playgrounds goes to Quinn

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By Kurt Erickson

SPRINGFIELD - Add restaurant playgrounds to the list of places where sex offenders aren't welcome in Illinois.

Under legislation headed to Gov. Pat Quinn’s desk, sex offenders no longer would be allowed to loiter in the play areas of private businesses.

State Rep. Frances Ann Hurley, D-Chicago, sponsored the proposal after an incident last year in Cook County in which a sex offender had been eyeing young children playing at a fast-food restaurant.

Hurley said the measure doesn't ban sex offenders from restaurants, however.

They can still have their double cheeses. They can still drive through. We've narrowed it to such that it is just the playground area,” Hurley said. “I actually talked to some sex offenders who were concerned they couldn't get their nuggets. That wasn’t the point of the bill.”

Sex offenders face numerous restrictions about where they can live, where they can go and where they can work in communities throughout Illinois.

Along with having to register with local police in order to keep track of where they live, sex offenders cannot reside or loiter within 500 feet of a school, playground or a facility providing programs directed toward children under age 18.

Sex offenders also cannot operate any type of business in which he or she photographs, videotapes, or takes a digital image of a child. They also are banned from handing out candy at Halloween, wearing a Santa Claus costume or dressing in an Easter Bunny costume when kids are around.

They also cannot operate ice cream trucks.

The governor is expected to sign the legislation into law.

We did not take a position on this bill, but are supportive of efforts to protect the state’s children,” said Quinn spokesman David Blanchette.

The legislation is House Bill 3023 (PDF).


nathan rabalais said...

wow really how dumb is this woman she wants to pass a bill just because someone was looking at kids where is here proof that this person was a sex offender or was she just assuming or did she ask him/her how can you know someone is something and another thing there is no way in hell a sex offender will go into mcdonalds and snatch up little billy or little susie with the kids parents around this woman needs to get her head examined hopefully this bill will be shot down but it's in Illinois so more then likley that won't happen

Daver said...

No this law will be signed. It's Illinois so no one will fight it. And Illinois Voices claims victory because only 1 unconstitutional law gets passed this session. Unbelievable!

pan said...

if he was just eyeballing the kids hell one can do that from outside the play area sitting at a table. was he in the play area ? more stupid laws to further their hysteria. stupidy never dies it just gets more stupid.

sally said...

sex offenders should be in prison for life or given death